How To Convince Your Team Of Anything

Yesterday in Las Vegas, multiple HVAC Business Owners shared the same concern with me about investing in Customer Service Training: “I think this would be absolutely amazing for us,” they said. “But…” I waited with eager anticipation to hear their “but.” “But I worry my team won’t care. They won’t embrace it. They’ll feel like … Read more

Three Big Problems

As we’ve been back at Trade Shows this spring, it’s been interesting to see three customer service challenges most contractors have: 1) Consistency 2) Giving Feedback 3) Cringeworthy Customer Service A lot of contractors are struggling to get a consistent customer experience from their call center. Sometimes they’re excellent, other times… not so much. Do … Read more


Training is broken. Traditional industry training comes from a “lecture style,” old-school educational mindset. Gather everyone in a room, deliver information to them, and hope for the best. But this approach makes no sense in our companies because, in school, AT LEAST students have to pass a test. But in business, we’re not trying to … Read more

Why The Future Belongs to Companies Who Create The Employees They Want (Part 1)

Mission statements are dying. But it’s not why you think… They’re not dying because they’re ineffective. They’re dying because companies are absolutely, positively, 100% awful at creating and executing them. Watch this video to see what I mean.  Most companies have no idea how to craft a mission statement that inspires their team to come … Read more

How to Ask Questions That Bring Out the Truth

There’s a crisis happening in our companies: Every truly great business needs their people to do three things even better than they do their stated job descriptions: Think independently (and say what they think!) Feel emotionally dedicated to the game you’re playing Engage in good causes of their own free will But that’s not happening … Read more

5-Minute Webinar – The Two Types of People You Work With

7 years ago I read a story that inspired me: It’s about two men who worked in the same positions in an organization, and both achieved more than their peers. They were, by all accounts, successful. Both of these men had the respect of the people around them, and delivered results.  However…  There was something … Read more

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