How To Become More Confident

Some people call it “filler words…”   Others refer to it as “needing polish…”   The signs of it are “umm…”, “uh…”, “I’m not sure…”   Sometimes a CSR may even cut the customer off to save themselves from facing it. You know what I’m talking about, don’t you? LACK OF CONFIDENCE.   You simply … Read more

“I’m so nervous…”

A few years ago, some Olympic athletes were asked in an interview: “Are you nervous?”   The interviews were done one by one, but each athlete responded to the question the same way: “No, I’m excited!”   Now wait for a second… how does it feel to be nervous? You get “butterflies” in your stomach, … Read more

Why Customer Service Matters

“Did you book the call?” “Did you close the sale?” “Did you get the money?” You see these are the questions we ask our team. But why is that when 83% of homeowners choose a better buying experience over price or brand? Ahh, now that’s a good question. The things the homeowner cares about the … Read more

The Most Sinister Killer of Trust

Many years ago, a prominent author told a story about taking his son’s driver’s license away. His son was 16, and newly able to drive. The father told his son, “If you get pulled over for speeding, your license will be taken away.”   The message was loud and clear. Yet, a few months in, … Read more

All It Took Was a Bad Review

All It Took Was a Bad Review is a fictional short story about a real phenomenon happening in the Home Services Industry. Imagine this… John and his wife, Joanne, the characters in our little fable here, just bought a new AC unit for their home. But, John was also expecting to have a ductless mini-split … Read more

Some Things Are Bigger Than Money & Business

Some things are bigger than money _ business

Some Things Are Bigger Than Money & Business… It’s 10:18 P.M. My kids went to bed a little over two hours ago. A couch I ordered back in December finally arrives at my house tomorrow. Life is good. A friend who listens to our podcast, LIP Service for Contractors, said the latest episode where Josh … Read more

This Millennial Might Be Your Worst Nightmare

This Millennial Might Be Your Worst Nightmare

Zac, the confused millennial here… I’m an avid customer experience seeker. And when I find them (good or bad) I like to share them. For example: That was a review I posted a few years ago. I was surprised when Google notified me that over 100 people had seen it. Here’s another one I posted just a few weeks … Read more

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