NEW SCRIPT: Saving Cancellations

Customer calls in to cancel service or a service agreement: Be Positive: (Smile) “It’s a GREAT day at (company name)! This is (Name), How can I help you? Get the customer’s name. “I can help you with that. Who do I have the pleasure of speaking with? Wonderful. My name is I am going to … Read more

How Good CSR Habits Are Formed

I learned something that blew my mind today… I’m listening to the audiobook Atomic Habits right now. It’s a terrific book, one of those books where every line has you nodding your head and wanting to take notes. While I listened to it today, this is what blew my mind: “Many people begin the process … Read more

How To Become More Confident

Some people call it “filler words…”   Others refer to it as “needing polish…”   The signs of it are “umm…”, “uh…”, “I’m not sure…”   Sometimes a CSR may even cut the customer off to save themselves from facing it. You know what I’m talking about, don’t you? LACK OF CONFIDENCE.   You simply … Read more

Why Customers Ask For Pricing

My next 8 emails are going to illustrate the 8 things every customer needs to hear from your CSRs… Let’s look at Joanna. Joanna is the mother of three children, Her husband works at a financial technology company in town and is usually gone for about 12 hours a day between work and his commute, … Read more

Why Customer Service Matters

“Did you book the call?” “Did you close the sale?” “Did you get the money?” You see these are the questions we ask our team. But why is that when 83% of homeowners choose a better buying experience over price or brand? Ahh, now that’s a good question. The things the homeowner cares about the … Read more

How to Coach Someone Yourself

Here’s a simple formula for how to coach someone yourself:   Tell Real Stories + Ask Open-Ended Questions DONE. Congratulations! You’re a coach! Here’s another simple formula for finding someone else to coach your team for you:   Click this link below + Schedule a call with us + Join CSR Coaching DONE. 😉

The Hard Truth About What it Takes to Be Great

The fastest way to improve your customer service is to listen to your recorded calls. Most CSRs hate it at first. But… That hatred is exactly why you should do it.   When you listen to yourself on the phone for the first time, it’s truly cringeworthy. You squirm, you wince in pain, and by … Read more

What’s Taught in Power Selling Pros Training?

Your CSRs can and should book at least 85% of your calls, WOW your customers, and uncover additional revenue opportunities if you teach them how. “But what exactly should I teach them? …. Great question! This is what we teach your Customer Service Department in our two-hour training class: The eight principles that must be … Read more

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