How to Handle Distributor Price Increases

Yesterday a letter from a manufacturer was floating around about price increases of up to 18%!

While it’s easy to respond to this sort of thing by pointing the finger of blame, I’m afraid such a response won’t help you. 

Nope. Instead, we need to worry about the things we can control. So in this email, I’m going to walk you step-by-step through the process of building so much value for the customer that you just might be able to get away with increasing your own prices without upsetting anyone. 

Here it is:

(But first… I just want to throw out there that the price of CSR Training is not going up right now 🙂 So… if you want your CSRs to build so much value that customers will pay your price without complaining, learn more here.)

STEP 1: The Phone Call

The Customer’s REAL journey begins on the phone. When you pick it up, you need to do 9 things:

  1. Demonstrate positivity that makes the customer feel good they called you
  2. Inspire confidence with your questions
  3. Listen to the customer and ask about their situation
  4. Care about their problem and how it’s affecting their day
  5. Reassure them you can help and that they’ve called the right place
  6. Ask them “when would you like us to come out?” and book the appointment
  7. Before you present your fee, communicate the value of your service so they can visualize every tiny detail
  8. Express gratitude for their business
  9. Offer your additional services

STEP 2: The Technician’s Visit

The CSR should have “WOW’ed” the customer. That way, the customer is pre-framed to say “yes!” to you before you arrive. When you do arrive, do this:

  1. Walk with pride
  2. Knock on the door, take a step back
  3. Greet the customer by name, hand them your business card, ask to come in
  4. Say “the office briefed me on your situation, but tell me more about what’s going on?”
  5. Give an estimated ETA
  6. Invite the customer to guide you to the problem
  7. Ask for permission to let yourself back in the home if you need to step out for parts or a second opinion
  8. Ask where they are most comfortable sitting down to go over your findings
  9. Complete inspection
  10. Invite the customer to sit down
  11. Ask an “If I… will you…” question to get their commitment if everything meets their needs at an affordable price
  12. Present options thoroughly and with great detail – BUILD VALUE
  13. Ask them “how would you like to proceed?”


I worry I’ve given away too much…

Eh, I’m sure it’s fine. Most companies don’t actually implement stuff that they learn for free. 

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