Personalized CSR & Dispatch Training for the Trades. Train Your Team, Make More Money.

Get your CSRs & Dispatchers on the same page with Group Training. Guarantee your results with one-on-one follow-up coaching using their own recorded phone calls.

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Flexible Training Schedules Start Your Team on the Same Page

Getting your team on the same page and keeping the phones covered is tricky…

That’s why we start with a LIVE Group Kickoff Training that’s recorded for your internal training library and allow you to host it multiple times so everyone can have the LIVE experience.

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“I’ve sat in on literally hundreds of training workshops… The feedback was unanimously positive. Exceeded my expectations by ten-fold. I would tell anybody who’s considering using Power Selling Pros to go for it.”
~ Alan O’Neal
Owner, Abacus Plumbing, Heating, & Electrical

Personalized Coaching Guarantees Results

To guarantee results after your Group Kickoff Training, we coach each of your CSRs & Dispatchers one-on-one, over the phone, twice a month, using their own recorded calls to provide feedback and accountability.

At this point, you might be thinking “I don’t want to invest in the wrong people!” That’s why we also give you.…

Candid Direct-to-Manager Feedback

After every coaching session, you get detailed notes on what each of your CSRs’ strengths, weaknesses, and goals are. Your Leadership Team also gets monthly update calls to ensure our coaching plans are meeting with your goals and expectations.

These direct feedback loops help you feel confident that your CSRs are getting better. We’ll also let you know if someone’s not making progress.

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“We know Power Selling Pros is setting us apart from the competition… we have a 95%+ booking rate!”
~ Taylor Romar
Shanklin Heating & Air

Why Contractors Choose Power Selling Pros Over Other Training Options

Contractors choose and stay with Power Selling Pros because of the one-on-one accountability coaching.

This isn’t a circus – we don’t show up to perform one single training for your team. Your team is getting ongoing coaching and personalized feedback to make sure growth happens and habits change.

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“We have the best CSR team in our area and we owe it to Power Selling Pros.”
~ Lori Cramer
Price Heating & Cooling

Constant Quality Assurance

To make sure our coaches are as prepared as possible for every coaching session, we have a team of Quality Assurance Specialists who listen to a sample your CSRs’ calls during the weeks in between coaching sessions. 

All you need to do is provide us login credentials to wherever your recorded calls are stored (Service Titan, Field Edge, etc.) and we take care of the accountability.

How to Begin Training


Pick Your Training Plan


Schedule Your Kickoff Training


Submit Payment for the Kickoff Training

After you schedule and pay, we’ll reach out to you within one business day to personalize the training to your needs and make an ongoing coaching plan.

The Power Selling Pros Training Curriculum

Your CSRs Will Learn:

  • The eight principles that must be at play on all of your phone calls
  • What to do when a customer just wants a “ballpark price”
  • The right questions your CSR’s should be asking every customer
  • How to create an excellent first impression and win the moment with customers
  • What to do when the customer says, “Let me call around…
  • How to match the customer’s pace and tone
  • Strategies for improving the confidence of both CSR and Customer
  • How to make your phone calls a real “connection,” not just a transaction
  • Ways to proactively ask for the customer’s business
  • How to reassure the customer so they trust you more than anyone else
  • Gathering customer information with accuracy
  • Tools to book calls even when you are booked solid
  • Ways to communicate your company’s value BEFORE you present pricing
  • Strategies to keep your customers from calling someone else
  • The top 20 things you should never say to your customers
  • What to do when a customer threatens to hang up over the price
  • How to deescalate an angry caller
  • Strategies for being proactive rather than reactive
  • How to sell maintenance agreements on the phone
  • How to naturally offer additional services over the phone

Your Dispatchers Will Learn:

  • The real job of a dispatcher
  • How to establish positive communication between the office and Technicians
  • Effectively debriefing Technicians on customer needs
  • Giving customers “bad news” about the schedule
  • Dispatch board organization
  • Prioritizing appointments for profit and customer experience (those two are not mutually exclusive!)
  • How to use the urgency list to keep the board full
  • How to give solution-drive responses