NEW SCRIPT: Saving Cancellations

Customer calls in to cancel service or a service agreement: Be Positive: (Smile) “It’s a GREAT day at (company name)! This is (Name), How can I help you? Get the customer’s name. “I can help you with that. Who do I have the pleasure of speaking with? Wonderful. My name is I am going to … Read more

Who should be writing your scripts?

Question for you: Would you rather have a CSR ask you for a script, or, tell you what they intend to use as a script and ask for you to sign off on it? For such a long time, leadership has been about getting people to DO THINGS. We celebrate leaders who can get people … Read more

If Peyton Manning Was a Contractor

If you don’t know who Peyton Manning is, this email may not be super relevant to you. BUT… If you have even the faintest idea that he is one the best football players of all time, then read on: Peyton Manning was known for many things, one of them being his unique ability to read … Read more

This Guy Can Fill His Dispatch Board on Command

You remember those Staples commercials with the “easy” button? This is going to sound crazy, but… I literally know a guy who builds all his businesses by creating “easy” buttons.  He is better than anyone I know at identifying the things that work to grow his business, then building what he calls “levers” he can … Read more

How to Handle Distributor Price Increases

Yesterday a letter from a manufacturer was floating around about price increases of up to 18%! While it’s easy to respond to this sort of thing by pointing the finger of blame, I’m afraid such a response won’t help you.  Nope. Instead, we need to worry about the things we can control. So in this … Read more

What Contractors and Billionaires Have in Common

I know… I know…  We’re talking about billionaires now? Hear me out for a second: A common misconception about growing your business is that if you can spend more money than anyone else on advertising, you win.  FALSE.  This is definitely not the case. If it was, then the “big brands” would already have squashed … Read more

How Good CSR Habits Are Formed

I learned something that blew my mind today… I’m listening to the audiobook Atomic Habits right now. It’s a terrific book, one of those books where every line has you nodding your head and wanting to take notes. While I listened to it today, this is what blew my mind: “Many people begin the process … Read more