“Why won’t he just ASK?!”

Some time ago, we did a ride-along with a Plumbing/HVAC company’s Technicians. And going in, the Business Owner asked us to pay close attention to a habit he noticed in his Techs:

“They’re great… no, AMAZING at fixing things,” he said. “But they’re terrible at asking for the customer’s business.”  

“Tell me more…” I asked him.

“They show up, they’re very courteous, they perform a thorough inspection, and they present great options to the customer…”  


“But they never ask for the business! They just sit there and wait for the Homeowner to do the asking! It makes me crazy!”  

Can you relate?  

This is an all too common problem in the trades. Not just in the home either – it happens on the phone, too.
A CSR will be very polite, very courteous, and answer all the customer’s questions. But then……They pause.

They sit and wait for the customer to say something……ANYTHING!

And what does that customer usually say? “I need to talk to my spouse…” or “I’m just looking for prices…”  

The customer is not just looking for price. They may need to talk to their spouse, you don’t think their spouse is sitting there in the same room, listening to you on speakerphone the entire time, Of course, they are.  

Customers want your help, they want you to lead them and ask them “how would you like to proceed?” They want you to ask “what do you like best about that option?”

They aren’t just looking for a price… they’re looking for someone who will ask the right questions and own their problem.  

You can be that company. All of your Technicians and CSRs can be those leaders to your customers.

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