The Real Job of a Dispatcher

What is the job of a dispatcher? Most contractors would say “to fill the board!”  

But that’s not it…

The REAL job of a dispatcher is to MAXIMIZE REVENUE. Sometimes it requires rescheduling people. It requires being able to handle upset customers. But a dispatcher has to be trained in using the opportunities a company has to MAXIMIZE REVENUE

One way to ensure a Dispatcher can do that is by using our Urgency List. It’s a persuasive tool that encourages customers to book with you even if you can’t get there right away:

“Mr. Jones, what I’d like to do is put you on today’s urgency list. The urgency list gives you faster service. When a Technician finishes early in your area, or another customer reschedules, we move you into the next available time slot. Now, in order to get you on the urgency list, I do need to put you on the schedule. May I book [AVAILABLE APPOINTMENT] in order to get you on the schedule?”  

Doing this appeals to both the customer’s driving emotion and their sense of logic. It gives them a clear way to justify booking with you over someone else. 

When MAXIMIZING REVENUE, a Dispatcher also needs to determine which Techs get which jobs. 

“But won’t that lead to favoritism?” you might wonder. The answer is, yes . Your company should absolutely play favorites based on performance. 

Don’t get us wrong: you should never play favorites based on friendships, personality, or raw talent. Only on RESULTS . That means any  Technician has just as much opportunity as the next guy to get great jobs. 

Another tip for MAXIMIZING REVENUE: only give your Technicians one job at a time. Create a fair incentive structure for them, communicate WHY MAXIMIZING REVENUE is so important, and book every call. Every call.  

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