Your CSRs can and should book at least 85% of your calls, WOW your customers, and uncover additional revenue opportunities if you teach them how.

“But what exactly should I teach them? …. Great question!

This is what we teach your Customer Service Department in our two-hour training class:

  • The eight principles that must be at play on all of your phone calls
  • What to do when a customer just wants a “ballpark price”
  • The right questions your CSR’s should be asking every customer
  • How to create an excellent first impression and win the moment with customers
  • What to do when the customer says, “Let me call around…
  • How to match the customer’s pace and tone
  • Strategies for improving the confidence of both CSR and Customer
  • How make your phone calls a real “connection,” not just a transaction
  • Ways to proactively ask for the customer’s business
  • How to reassure the customer so they trust you more than anyone else
  • Gathering customer information with accuracy
  • Tools to book calls even when you are booked solid
  • Ways to communicate your company’s value BEFORE you present pricing
  • Strategies to Keep your customers from calling someone else
  • The top 20 things you should never say to your customers
  • What to do when a customer threatens to hang up over the price
  • How to deescalate an angry caller
  • strategies for being proactive rather than reactive

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