Why Customer Service Matters

“Did you book the call?”

“Did you close the sale?”

“Did you get the money?”

You see these are the questions we ask our team. But why is that when 83% of homeowners choose a better buying experience over price or brand?

Ahh, now that’s a good question.

The things the homeowner cares about the most reside within the four walls of their home. It’s not about the “transaction” at all. It’s about the connection you make with the customer.

It’s not about their wallet. It’s about their heart.

It’s not about the price or the brand, it’s about their experience.

You want to “book more calls?”

You want to “close more sales?”

You want to “make more money?”

Then let’s ask our team if the customer had a great experience. Let’s ask if they would come back and buy from us again. Because it’s not about the money…

It’s about the people you serve. And when you focus on people… the money comes.

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