The Hard Truth About What it Takes to Be Great

The fastest way to improve your customer service is to listen to your recorded calls. Most CSRs hate it at first. But…

That hatred is exactly why you should do it.  

When you listen to yourself on the phone for the first time, it’s truly cringeworthy. You squirm, you wince in pain, and by the time it’s over you find yourself almost curled up into the fetal position. “MAKE IT STOP!”  

But once again…

That’s why you need to do it.  

That pain will ensure that you never make such mistakes ever again. It’ll ensure that you raise your game for the next call.

Tomorrow, we’re going to listen to customer service calls with you, a LIVE audience.

Yes, You might cringe…

Yes, You might wince…

You may even be in the fetal position when it’s over…

But it’ll make you a better CSR.

Come experience first hand what it takes to be great!

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