Training is broken.

Traditional industry training comes from a “lecture style,” old-school educational mindset. Gather everyone in a room, deliver information to them, and hope for the best.

But this approach makes no sense in our companies because, in school, AT LEAST students have to pass a test. But in business, we’re not trying to get our employees to “pass tests,” we’re trying to CHANGE BEHAVIOR .

So how do you change employee behavior?

1) Practice Empathy – gather reports, conduct interviews, and observe behavior so you know what they need to learn.

2) Ask Questions – ask your team “what three things will hold us back from reaching our potential?” Combining your observations with their answers to that question will set the curriculum. You’ll know exactly what to train on.

3) Create a Training Plan – this is the only part that is about pure information delivery.

4) Set Up Ongoing Accountability – meet with your team members twice a month for 30 minutes to review their progress and challenges, holding them accountable.

That’s very different from what most companies do:

1) Pay for Training

2) Hope for the Best

But HOPE is not a strategy. You need a system that works to change behavior.

That’s what we offer in our CSR Coaching Program . It’s a proven system for transforming your customer service team into SUPERSTARS.

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Make more money…  

Be more consistent in their message…  

and NEVER stop getting better.  

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