Three Big Problems

As we’ve been back at Trade Shows this spring, it’s been interesting to see three customer service challenges most contractors have:

1) Consistency

2) Giving Feedback

3) Cringeworthy Customer Service

A lot of contractors are struggling to get a consistent customer experience from their call center. Sometimes they’re excellent, other times… not so much. Do you relate?  

Then there’s the beast which is giving feedback – people just aren’t responding. Many contractors hire us because they just need an outside voice to give the feedback instead of them. Do you relate?  

And then there’s this little phrase: “when I hear my CSRs, I cringe!” These contractors are growing in spite of their CSRs. Do you relate?  

Make no mistake, these are not small problems. These are major challenges that deal with the first impression your customers will ever have of your company – the last if you mess it up.

Since we started coaching CSRs 13 years ago, we’ve made it a point to become the absolute best when it comes to

A) providing consistency

B) giving effective and generous feedback

C) replacing the cringe experiences with “WOW” experiences that make your customers love you.

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