Some Things Are Bigger Than Money & Business

Some Things Are Bigger Than Money & Business…

It’s 10:18 P.M.

My kids went to bed a little over two hours ago. A couch I ordered back in December finally arrives at my house tomorrow.

Life is good.

A friend who listens to our podcast, LIP Service for Contractors, said the latest episode where Josh & Brigham riff about being held hostage by your employees was his favorite one yet.

There’s a lot to be grateful for. For all of us, in fact.

Consider this:

I spent a couple years of my millennial life in Ghana as a missionary. It’s a different world there. I fell in love with the culture and developed a great appreciation for things like carpet (you don’t realize how precious carpet is until it’s no longer an option).

And the other day my three-year-old was having an epic tantrum about his toys. He got a new toy and his sister wanted to play with it, which royally ticked him off.

I tried to reason with him…

But have you ever tried reasoning with a three-year-old? It’s hard enough to reason with adults, let alone toddlers whose biggest life choice is “should I play with Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck?”

My reasoning was in vain. Until…

I told an interesting little story.

I told him about my time in Africa. How many of the kids there don’t have the same toys and things as he does. And yet, they’re happy.

They’re grateful.

Then I asked him to try and say “thank you” more.

To my astonishment, he took me seriously. He was perplexed that other kids don’t have what he has. He told me some things he is “thank you” for, and we had a beautiful moment together.

That night, I wept like a toddler myself thinking about that little guy and his two-year-old sister whom I adore. Some things are just bigger than money and business. I thought about their precious little smiles, their deafening squeals, how they’re growing so fast.

Again, some things in life are bigger than money and business.

Or perhaps I should say that some things, precious things we hardly think about, are the reason for money and business.

Remember why you’re doing what you do this week.

Remember the bigger things.

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