IMS Heating & Air Shares 7 Lessons on Growing & Aligning Your Team

I could argue that the job of leadership comes down to two activitie:

  1. Growing the business
  2. Aligning the team

If you could lie your head down at night knowing your business is moving up-and-to-the-right, and that your team is fully aligned behind an inspiring vision, I imagine you’d sleep better than 99% of business owners.

That’s why these 7 lessons from our case study with IMS Heating & Air are so important. These 7 short videos are some of IMS’s key learnings on how to grow and get your team aligned along the way

We’re grateful to the team at IMS for participating in this case study, and are even more grateful to have them as a part of our CSR Coaching Program.

Click here to see the results they’ve gotten in coaching.

Why Your Business Needs “Extreme Customer Service:”

Creating a Culture Where People are Open-Minded to Training:

Getting Your Whole Team on the Same Page:

The Definition of Success for Today’s Contractors:

Why Employee Turnover Doesn’t Have to Be So Bad:

The Biggest Obstacle to Successful Companies:

The Home Service Industry’s Biggest Problem:

Why It’s Important to Build Value BEFORE You Present Your Fees:

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