How Will You Handle Price Increases?


Prices are going up… one everything. And they keep going up…

And up…

And up…

Last week, we heard from some Contractors at a conference that they anticipate the average dispatch charge to double by 2023 😱

My first thought was this:

If you raise your prices (which you will) does your team feel confident sharing that news with your customers? Do they feel confident in their ability to build value before, during, and after they present your rates?

In a recent report we did on a random HVAC company’s phone calls (not a current PSP client), we found that their CSRs built value on their service and pricing on less than 5% of their phone calls.

Less than 5%.

What would you do if you found out that 95% of your customers aren’t getting a valuable explanation of your company’s services? That the value you provide isn’t being communicated clearly?

I hope you’d address that…

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