This CSR Sold a Water Heater On His Drive Home From Work

“I’m averaging like a 97% call rate book, so that in itself for me is a win.”

Marc from Albrights Mechanical Services books 97% of his calls and sold a water heater on his drive home from work… 🤯

He recently graduated from our CSR Coaching program and is knocking the socks off of customer service booking 97% of his calls.

Recently, Marc received a phone call from a customer named Sharon who wanted to buy a new AC system for a house she was flipping. She had been emailed all of the paperwork and documents to sign in order to get started. The only problem was…

She couldn’t figure out how to sign these papers electronically.

After working with her over the phone for quite some time without success, Marc knew what needed to be done… 

He offered to print off the paperwork and drive to her house on his way home that afternoon and walk her through the signature process.


Marc from Albrights Mechanical Services books 97% of his calls and sold a water heater on his drive home from work!

I love how Marc went above and beyond to help Sharon with something that to others might seem so simple. But here is where it gets even juicier…

While Marc was at Sharon’s home, he noticed that she needed more work done than just installing a new AC. So as he was helping her with the new install paperwork, he casually mentioned that his company also did plumbing work. 

Sharon replied “Really? You do?” 

And from there, Marc built value in the plumbing services they offered and scheduled a tech to go out and provide an estimate for a new water heater– which resulted in an additional $2000 on top of the $6000 she was already spending on a new AC install. 

It is the small and simple things that make the big difference.

Marc genuinely cares about his customers. So to him, these small acts might not seem monumental. But to the customer, and to any service company, they make all the difference. 

When we focus on winning moments with our customers, they become loyal and convert to long term clients

Thank you Marc for making a difference for Sharon– and for inspiring all of us to find those opportunities to do the same with those we come in contact with. 

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