NEW SCRIPT: Saving Cancellations

Customer calls in to cancel service or a service agreement:

Be Positive: (Smile) “It’s a GREAT day at (company name)! This is (Name), How can I help you?

  • Get the customer’s name. “I can help you with that. Who do I have the pleasure of speaking with? Wonderful. My name is I am going to take care of you today.”
  • If the customer already gave you their name, repeat it back. “You said your name was _? My name is _ and I am going to be taking care of you today.”

Be Confident: I hate to hear that you want to cancel, but I can certainly help.

Listen: Is the reason for your cancellation price, question about the service, or that you found another provider who can get there sooner?

Care / Reassure: If that’s the case, I feel terrible we didn’t communicate that we can help you with that concern before!

Ask / Value: If can resolve that concern about [price / service / schedule] for you by [taking 15% off / waving the dispatch fee / moving you up in our schedule / offering a free tune-up / match the price of the other company / having the Technician follow certain instructions when he arrives], would that be enough for you to move forward with us today?

Be Grateful: Wonderful. Let me apply that special promise for you right now, and I’ll make sure our Technician is prepared to come to your home at the time of service.

If they insist on canceling

(Optional) Reassure: You got it. I just canceled your appointment for you. So you know, we do offer free/discounted second opinions if you’re not totally satisfied with the inspection or work that’s done by someone else.

Gratitude: Thank you so much for calling to let us know. We appreciate you thinking about us and hope we can serve you in the future.

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