How Morrison Plumbing, Heating & Air Books 90% of Their Calls with Personalized CSR Coaching​

“[Personalized CSR Coaching has been] Some of the best training I’ve ever had! The coaching is specialized for me and targeted to my skill level and my opportunities. I’ve become an even better CSR and taken my customer service skills to the next level. I have learned lifelong skills that I use daily in my job and in my personal life. I am so glad our company has made this investment in me; it’s a win-win situation for my success and my company!”

Brandi Bisso, Morrison Plumbing, Heating & Air
(NOTE: 300+ Contractors Use Power Selling Pros’ Customer Service Coaching to Grow Their Business. Schedule a Free Consultation to See if it’s Right For You.)

The Morrison Story: The Challenges Facing Today’s Contractors

“Customers always think they should be #1, no matter what…

 What may not seem urgent to some people IS urgent to them right then and there. We have to show them we have that customer service level or they’re just gonna walk and go elsewhere.

We just need to show them that their issue that may be minor is urgent to us” says Brandi Bisso, Call Center Manager for Morrison.

Basically, everything is an emergency now.

Customers want answers, fast. They want help, now.

Some have called it the “Now Economy.” Two-day shipping, emergency service, instant customer support. 

But how do you provide that level of care when it’s not possible for you to solve the customer’s problem now?

How Morrison Is Addressing Those Challenges:​

Personalized CSR coaching – the people responsible for your company’s first impression. 

We work with Morrison’s CSRs to: 

  • give them immediate feedback on their recorded calls and 
  • provide tools to boost their confidence when customers want something immediately but the company’s schedule is full

One of those tools is The Urgency List… 

“The Urgency list and back up plan are both great suggestions that you came up with. It’s really built the confidence of the CSRs” says Brandi.

“Our coach’s feedback is never anything negative or condescending. Only positive, confidence-boosting feedback.”

The Results:​

“Booking rates are up, service agreement sales are up, call booking percentages are up… 

 After each session, I hear the CSRs on the phone applying what they learned immediately. She’s built the confidence of my agents, bringing up our total care club so our memberships increase. 

She directs it to each agent, so it’s specialized for them which is huge. The improved quality of customer service has made our CSRs more positive and confident call takers.”

Like most companies, booking the call is the main goal for Morrison’s CSRs. And the one-on-one, personalized CSR coaching is one of the main factors enabling them to maintain a 90% call booking rate.

And the CSRs love to work with their coach.

(NOTE: 300+ Contractors Use Power Selling Pros’ Customer Service Coaching to Grow Their Business. Schedule a Free Consultation to See if it’s Right For You.)

What comes first, customer experience or booking percentage?

“Customer experience. We can teach you the techniques to save or book the call, but we can’t teach you to be empathic. We can take each scripting, but you have to be able to talk to a person…

As long as we continue to move forward with the program – we track everything – I don’t see any of them slacking. They are great CSRs. With Amanda (their coach) every other week, she stays on top of them and provides that positive reinforcement. I don’t see it decreasing, I only see it increasing from here.” 


How have you created a culture where people love to learn so much?

“We invest in our people and we make that clear from the hiring process. We are going to fine-tune things with you. We want you to grow and get better with our company. We make an investment in people and it’s how we grow.”

A Special Thank You to Brandi Bisso of Morrison Plumbing, Heating & Air for participating in this case study.

She has an extremely engaged and high-performing team, and you’d be wise to re-read this case study and take notes on how to grow your own company.

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