How IMS Heating & Air Uses “Extreme Customer Service” to Align Their Team & Scale Their Business​

Extreme Customer Service, if done well, can be the engine that propels your Service Business into the future.

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The IMS Story: Challenges Facing Today’s Contractors

“People everywhere in America now expect what I call ‘Extreme Customer Service.’

When you order from Amazon, you want it in a couple days and you want it correct. If it’s anything less than that, you’re disappointed.”

They’re right.

When you think about Customer Service, you usually think about the help desk or the receptionist. Most businesses fail to think about the fact that Customer Service, if done well, can be the engine that propels your business into the future.

“You have stay up on your training, think about the next level, keep driving your people forward with training. You have to be dissatisfied with ‘the same thing.’

To stay the same is to go backward. You have to be driving forward.”

How IMS Has Addressed Those ‘Extreme Customer Service’ Challenges:​

It starts with Leadership. You have to have Leaders who are hungry for what’s next. Instill it in your management and send it down the organization.

IMS’s CSRs receive two one-on-one coaching sessions per month. Power Selling Pros uses their recorded calls to give them customized feedback and hold them accountable.

The Results:​

“Everybody is on the same page.

They’re all on the same page, they’re all giving the same message to the customer.

Shelley (their coach) has infectious positivity. It reminds them to put on a smile, stay positive, and it makes the job easier to have the coaching process. Instead of fighting customers now, they just follow the flow their coach teaches.”

How IMS Heating & Air Defines Success Today & Going Forward:​

It all comes down to one question:

Are we doing right by our people?

Offering the right benefits, providing the right training. We’re successful if our people are successful.

Then, there’s referrals. We want people to say, “You have to call IMS. They’re the best.” 

And sometimes, people leaving is not the worst thing. It’s more important to work with the right people as opposed to all people – that includes customers and employees.

A Special Thank You to Ginny Barrett of IMS Heating & Air for participating in this case study.

She’s a tremendous leader in the Home Services Industry. We hope you’ve learned something about how to grow your Service Business by reading her and her team’s story.

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