We Help Service Businesses Book More Calls on the Phone and Close More Sales in the Home

Empower Your People * WOW Your Customers * Grow Your Business

Stop Losing Calls to Customers Who Want a “Ballpark Price”

Stop Losing Calls to Customers Who Are Going to “Call You Back”

Stop Struggling to Create Recurring Revenue

Don’t Let Your Company Be “Just Another Service Business”

Ready to Book More Calls, Sell More Services, WOW More Customers, and Make More Money?

How Power Certification Works:

#1: Consultation Call

The program begins with an initial training to introduce our trademarked Pattern for Excellence curriculum, and establish customer service expectations.

#2: Monitor Recorded Calls

Our call monitoring team will work with you to gain access to your recorded calls. If you don’t record calls, we can arrange calling recordings to happen.

#3: Coaching Sessions

A highly experienced customer service coach will contact you to schedule your first one-on-one phone based session that happen twice a month.

#4: CSR Certification

Your CSRs will go through our 4 level certification program. Each level will teach them new skills and applications of the principles in our curriculum.

#5: Progress Updates

You coach will contact you at least once a month to go over the progress of your CSRs and ensure we are providing the service you deserve.

#6: Happy Customers

Now that your CSRs are Power Certified, your customers will be happy and impressed with the high level of customer service you’re providing.

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