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One-on-one, phone-based coaching, certification and online training for call-handling teams so that you book more calls.


1 or 3-day in-person customer experience training for technicians. Go beyond selling and start serving home-owners at a higher level so you can demand the price you charge.


The Home Service ChatBot. Automated web chat so you can talk with customers on your website instantly, capture more leads, & get more positive reviews.


We help you write ads, interview and qualify candidates, and make sure you hire AMAZING CSRs.

Online Mastery Courses

Build an Unstoppable Call-Handling Team
Selling Service Agreements on the Phone
Handling Angry Customers on the Phone

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Transform your team into a well-oiled machine that creates fiercely loyal customers and makes you more money in just 10 minutes a day!

WOWed Clients

I think if it weren’t for you guys and the help and training you offer our people we would have struggled our way through the winter. People went out of business, people struggled and had to lay people off. NOT US. We had to hire more people.
Buddy Smith
Owner, Russel's Heating and Cooling
Power Selling Pros has helped our team understand the fundamental importance of caring immensely for our customers. With an increased focus on providing customers with personalized solutions, our Call Center representatives are delivering value prior to asking for an opportunity to earn their business – setting up the “win-win."
David Caballero
Customer Service Manager, AG Heating and Air Conditioning
He’s brought a methodology to my team to drive sales, improve our culture, and make the job more enjoyable for our folks and for our customers… We look forward to continuing our relationship.
Brad Boren
Owner, Same Day Water Heaters

Solutions for Every Challenge

Book More Calls, WOW More Customers, and Make More Money

That’s what happens when you sign your CSRs up for Power Certification. CSRs receive one-on-one coaching, twice a month, over the phone, using their own recorded calls – it’s guaranteed results.  


In-Person Customer Experience Training for Technicians

Never compete on price again. Leave every homeowner in awe of your service with POWERTECHS. 


It can take up to six months for a new hire to be completely productive and generate income for the business.

By allowing PSP to help find good candidates with POWER RECRUITING, we create a short cut for our customers to find those people who are ready to embrace the Pattern for Excellence and quickly become a force for good in the company.


Convert More Website Visitors Into Leads FASTER

Use POWERCHATS: A Robot-Powered Chat Service Built for the Trades


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