Why Customers Ask For Pricing

My next 8 emails are going to illustrate the 8 things every customer needs to hear from your CSRs…

Let’s look at Joanna.

Joanna is the mother of three children, Her husband works at a financial technology company in town and is usually gone for about 12 hours a day between work and his commute, By the time he arrives home at night, Joanna needs a break from the wild and rowdy kids (all of whom are under the age of 6).

One day during a particularly challenging week (Joanna’s husband had been working overtime to prepare for a new product feature launch) Joanna’s air conditioner stops working.

At night, she likes it to be 70 degrees in her home. However, when woke up on Thursday morning, it was a blistering 75 degrees and the kids didn’t sleep the whole night before. Her husband has to get back to work bright and early for the new feature launch too, which leaves Joanna by herself to take care of the broken A/C.

She googles “AC Repair Near Me” and calls the company with the highest number of reviews (even though there are other companies with better reviews).


The CSR answers with a rushed, unpleasant voice: “Great Heating & Air, how can I help you?  

The tone of voice makes Joanna want to immediately hang up the phone but she doesn’t want to be rude, She needs a reason to hang up,So she asks:

“Hi, what do you charge for AC repair?”  

“We don’t give pricing in the office, but it’s $89 for us to come out.”  

“Ok,” says Joanna. “Thanks, I’ll call you back if I need you.”  

Onto phone call #2:


“Bob’s Heating & Air, this is Steve, how can I help you?” Steve also sounds a little annoyed to be taking the call. Almost like he was interrupted working on something else. So, once again, Joanna looks for an out by asking about the price.

“Hi, what do you charge for AC repair?”  

“We don’t give pricing in the office, but it’s $79 for us to come out.”  

“Ok,” says Joanna. “Thanks, I’ll call you back if I need you.”  

Even though the price was lower than the first company, Joanna still didn’t like how the CSR made her feel . So, she calls one more company:


“Thank you for calling Amazing Heating & Air, this is Dana speaking, how may I serve you today?”  

Joanna is impressed by the greeting. Now that’s a company that’s happy to take my call , Joanna thinks to herself.

“Hi, what do you charge for AC repair?”  

“That’s a great question! I can definitely cover that for you. First off, who do I have the pleasure of speaking with?”  

“My name is Joanna.”  

“Hi, Joanna! My name is Dana and I’m going to take care of you today. To answer your question, could you tell me a little more about your situation?” 

Joanna happily books with the third company, even though they charge more for the initial inspection. Why, Because Positivity Attracts People – that’s rule #1 of winning the moment with your customers.

Positivity attracts people and negativity repels people. It’s that simple.

So often, the real reason customers don’t give us their loyalty has nothing to do with our price or even the quality of our work and everything to do with our attitude.

Every customer, like Joanna, has a problem, and they want someone with a positive attitude to help them solve it. They will pay more for a happy service provider.

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