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This is part 4 of our Something to Give series!

These blog articles are inspired by Brigham Dickson’s upcoming book, Something to Give

Brigham is the founder of Power Selling Pros and a passionate business owner who teaches through story-telling with motivational lessons that apply to those of us working in the home service industry – and beyond. 


Welcome to Part 4: Looking to the Future, the final segment of our leadership series, “Do You Have Something to Give?” As a dedicated leader, you understand the significance of prioritizing essential aspects and inspiring others to follow your lead. You also know there is a difference between working “in” your business and working “on your business. We would like to shift your perspective from being an operator to being a leader that others are inspired to follow.


Based on the knowledge and experiences throughout Brigham Dickinson’s book Something to Give, we examine the very essence of exceptional leadership – particularly cultivated for the home service industry. If you can create freedom from day-to-day operational tasks and invest in your team to support your vision, you will create time for growth where before it felt like hardly any time to get even the basics crossed off your list…let alone indulge in new ideas. 


Embracing your role as a leader, challenging and appreciating your team, and leveraging their talents are essential steps in the process. We started this series with our core principles in the Pattern for Excellence, followed by an article on the foundation process, and most recently, the cycle of work. Finally, in Part 4, we are ready to look ahead. Consider what the future holds in store and how we can best influence that future outcome with our actions here in the present. 

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The Future: Step 1

Per-fect not Perfect

I found the happiness and self-reliance that comes with living with purpose guided by true principles and now self-confidently strive to assist others in doing the same. No matter your lot, you can do the same. In fact, you can do much better. I’m counting on it.” – Brigham Dickinson, ‘Something to Give

In our journey of personal growth and leadership, we should never stop striving to improve and perfect ourselves for the future. Perfection is not about achieving flawlessness, but about continuously learning, adapting, and growing. Every day presents an opportunity to challenge ourselves, acknowledge our flaws, and take steps to overcome them. It’s about being accountable for how we present ourselves, our thoughts, emotions, and actions. 


By focusing on personal development and embracing a growth mindset, we can elevate our performance, preparation, persistence, and patience in all aspects of life. Life’s tests may come our way, but they are chances to make something else – make ourselves – better. Instead of being disheartened by setbacks, we can learn from our mistakes and use them as stepping stones to become even better versions of ourselves. The path to perfection is never-ending, and with dedication and a commitment to continuous improvement, we can embrace the potential for a bright and limitless future.

The Future: Step 2

Tying It Together

“Remember: You are enough.” – Brigham Dickinson, ‘Something to Give

Money and time offer stability – but they do not buy happiness. Happiness comes with service to others and service to Self. Find a place for the Pattern for Excellence in your business; what does that future look like? What are you excited about as you lead yourself and your team to new heights?


When you fashion yourself with your absolute truths and internalize these principles, you will realize that you are enough. Experimental and cognitive learning are a driving force for growth. Freeing yourself from the unnecessary to do what is necessary is a key to victory.


Being an exceptional leader in the home service industry requires a combination of vision, emotional intelligence, communication, empowerment, and adaptability. Your service mindedness can ignite the spark that propels a company. I look forward to how you embrace these practices to shape your way and inspire your team. Remember that leadership is an ongoing journey of learning and self-improvement, and your commitment to the Pattern for Excellence will create a lasting impact on everything you do.

How Bright Is Your Future


As we conclude this exploration into the heart of extraordinary leadership, it’s time to assess, how bright is your future? Embrace the Pattern for Excellence – make it your own!

  • Be Positive – to attract a positive atmosphere with positive people
  • Be Prepared– preparation inspires confidence in the face of challenges
  • Listen – connect with active engagement to gain true understanding
  • Care – use empathy to validate others emotions and point of view
  • Reassure – build trust by giving everyone the assurance that they belong
  • Ask – to encourage an action that keeps progress in motion
  • Build Value – build worth and commitment by offering value to clients and employees
  • Be Grateful – to convey a sense of appreciation for hard work and victories

With this, you have laid a solid foundation for growth and success. You have learned what it takes to delegate to give yourself space to invest “on” your business. We know that leadership is not a destination; it’s a continuous journey of refinement and dedication. Just like the phases of business building, your leadership will evolve, adapt, and flourish. As you navigate the challenges and triumphs, always keep the Pattern for Excellence close to your heart and mind. 


With each positive interaction, each opportunity for preparation, and each act of genuine care, you foster a thriving work environment and inspire your team to reach new heights. You are the architect of your future—unleash your potential and embrace the power of leadership to create a future that shines brilliantly. Whether your leadership role has just begun or you’ve been on this road for a long time, the possibilities are limitless. The future is yours to shape when you have something to give.


Refer to Brigham’s book to learn more at BrighamDickinson.com. Or learn more with our team of industry professionals at powersellingpros.com.


Brigham Dickinson works hard to live by faith, such as that found in the Atonement of Jesus Christ. He’s married to his dearest friend, Alicia Dickinson, and they have four incredible kids together and one beautiful granddaughter so far. Brigham is owner and founder of Power Selling Pros (powersellingpros.com), the company that powers your customer experience with call handling coaching and training for thousands of companies in the home service industry. He’s also co-owner of Booked (bookedbypsp.com), a night answering service for hundreds of companies in the home service industry and a co-owner of Athlecare (athlecare.com), a sports recovery company for athletes that has two locations in Utah with more locations planned. Brigham continues to personally consult and train people working for companies throughout the home service industry.