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This is part 2 of our Something to Give series!

These blog articles are inspired by Brigham Dickson’s upcoming book, Something to Give

Brigham is the founder of Power Selling Pros and a passionate business owner who teaches through story-telling with motivational lessons that apply to those of us working in the home service industry – and beyond. 

The Foundation: Step 1


“The true purpose of a leader is to have something to give your followers. Understanding and becoming that leader makes you someone worth following.” – Brigham Dickinson, ‘Something to Give


The reason we are delving into the concept of “something to give over something to prove” in leadership is to gain a deeper understanding of the true essence of effective leadership. This principle emphasizes the importance of prioritizing giving and serving others, rather than solely focusing on proving one’s worth or authority. 

Leaders who embody this mindset bolster an environment of empowerment. Give your team the tools, support, and ability to trust that they can perform at their best – while you have their backs. By shifting the focus from self-centered goals to the well-being of your team, leaders can create a positive and enduring impact in their organization. They will also cultivate a culture of excellence and unity. 

In the book, Something to Give, Brigham compares this process to his experience running the Spartan races around the U.S. Here is what he learned: when you reach the finish line, it is more fulfilling to cross it together, than to stand alone. Align your goals with your team (and vice versa); when you share goals, you share successes. Embracing this principle allows leaders to lead with purpose. 

The Pattern for Excellence became the code of conduct for Brigham’s purpose to be more service-minded with something to give; what will your driving purpose be?

The Foundation: Step 2


“A pattern supports your purpose to have something to give and motivates those who follow you to perform at their highest levels.” – Brigham Dickinson, ‘Something to Give


Developing a clear pattern that aligns with your purpose is essential. This pattern involves defining the principles that underpin your leadership habits and actions. A strong pattern serves as a foundation for your leadership journey, inspiring those who follow you to perform at their highest levels. It creates a sense of direction, empowering your team to work cohesively to achieve shared goals. 

Sometimes a pattern has obstacles. Sometimes it is your pattern of behavior that holds things back. Through a process of self-reflection you can clear a path, building proactive habits that are adaptable to your ever-shifting needs. When you read Something to Give, Brigham offers a gentle how-to guideline to build your purpose, mission statement, and core values to strengthen your foundation. As a leader, adhering to your established pattern and making changes when it’s needed will keep you on track to achieve your organization’s objectives.

Consider the Pattern for Excellence. What resonates? What do you feel is missing in your leadership?

The Foundation: Step 3


“Principles are the absolute truths that make up the Pattern for Excellence, and they’ll make you a leader worth following.” – Brigham Dickinson, ‘Something to Give


Eight Principles lie at the core of the Pattern for Excellence, representing sincere concepts that define exceptional leadership as non-negotiable, immovable guidelines. These guiding truths provide a solid framework for decision-making, actions, and interactions with your team. 

In Chapter 3 of Something to Give, Brigham provides an exercise to help set up your 20-hour work week by breaking the pattern of working “in” your business rather than “on” your business through delegation. Think about how the Pattern for Excellent can become your root system to foster flourishing growth. Put simply, a tree without roots cannot grow. A tree needs many roots to support it into being one healthy organism. As you nourish your roots, your tree will blossom, and in turn provide shade and fruits for your labor – a cycle of success. 

We know we didn’t invent the concept of “active listening” or “being positive.” However, consider this: just because it is common knowledge, does not mean it is common practice.  When you dedicate yourself to the heart of these principles, you gain profound insights that elevate your leadership to one who is influential and takes a holistic approach.

Living with your principles will attract like-minded people. Think of a time you stuck to your principles and went against your principles; which was harder?

Set it in Motion

Having a well-defined purpose, cultivating healthy patterns of thinking, and adhering to reliable work principles are the foundational elements that set the stage for momentum in a business. A clear sense of purpose guides every decision and action, providing a unifying direction for the team. Healthy patterns fuel positivity and resilience, empowering leaders to overcome challenges and inspire their teams to excel. Meanwhile, reliable principles from the Pattern for Excellence ensure consistency, efficiency, and…well, excellence! 

Together, these pillars create a strong framework that propels the business forward. Embracing these elements not only enhances business performance but also elevates the collective spirit of the organization, leading to lasting success in an ever-changing landscape.

To read more about how to lay the groundwork for your company, you can preorder Brigham’s book on his website, or set up an appointment to learn more about coaching your team to excellence. You can also check out part 3 of this series for the next topic: The Work.