Getting Both Decision Makers Present

Here’s a tip for increasing sales as an HVAC technician. As you already know, not every customer buys on your first visit. There’s a lot of homeowners who say, “Well, we need to get my spouse here. I need to talk with them about this first.” 

So what do you do in a situation where the customer has a reason not to move forward? Do you just keep pushing? Do you keep pressing? Do you get the sale at all costs? No! You be respectful. And you be positive. You be prepared. You listen. You care. 

One of the ways you can do that is remembering that your job on a sales call is not always just to close the sale right then and there. It’s to sell the next appointment or the next step in the buying process. 

You do this by creating the best buying experience you possibly can for the customer. If they’re not ready to buy right then and there or to commit to a new system on the spot, sell them on your next follow-up. Get something else on the calendar so that the customer is still moving forward in the buying journey.

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