A Worthy Investment

Maximize the Use of Your Time with Coaching

What We Bring to the Table

“Slow” can still be Successful

Welcome to Power Selling Pros (PSP), your premium destination for elevating customer service skills and optimizing call handling in the home service industry. At PSP, we’re dedicated to enhancing communication prowess to win more moments and book more calls. Our tailored coaching services are designed to meet the unique needs of our clients, offering a specialized focus on empowering Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) within the home service sector.

Our coaching methodology utilizes principle-based concepts to create an efficient call flow, resolution tools for effective problem solving, as well as call grading and staged practice to hold our trainees accountable – and build a platform to encourage growth.

With a steadfast commitment to customized coaching and bonding meaningful relationships with our clientele, PSP equips CSRs  with the expertise needed to deliver exceptional customer experiences and maximize business opportunities. We have expanded beyond CSR coaching to invite dispatchers, salesmen, leaders, and technicians to get in on the action of excellence.

We know we bring a lot to the table. We also know it can be hard to determine “the right time” to jump on board with a new opportunity. We appreciate the mindset of anytime is the “right” time, while the “wrong” time is to do nothing at all.

During sluggish business periods, companies often face challenges in maintaining productivity and profitability. However, this downtime can be a prime opportunity to invest in refining and enhancing essential skills, particularly in customer service. A slow period does not have to be unsuccessful; use this as a chance to develop and refine. When the call volume picks up again, your team will be ready.

Prep for Busy Season

Set Up Future Calls for Success

When business is slow we often feel inclined to scale back on investments. However, we know this slow period will not be permanent. Particularly in home services, our work loads are often influenced by the weather forecast. You know it’s going to get busy. And when it does, there may be an inclination to cut back on coaching to ensure CSR’s are fully available for their calls – which then poses a risk of losing communication tools during your business boom. This brings us back to the ambiguous question: so when is the “right” time to coach?

Let’s focus on the slow season today. This downtime presents a strategic opportunity to equip your team with essential skills to navigate the eventual upturns more effectively. Investing in coaching services during these lulls serves as an invaluable strategy for preparing your team for the imminent rebound.

At PSP, our coaching programs are specifically designed to fortify your team’s skill set and build beyond the “norm” of customer service. This proactive investment during slower periods ensures that when the pace accelerates once more, your team is not just adequately prepared, but poised to thrive amidst increased call volumes and heightened customer demands.

By leveraging this downtime to enhance skill sets, your team gains a competitive edge, enabling them to navigate future upswings with confidence and dexterity. It’s a calculated move that ensures your business is well-positioned to capitalize on the opportunities that arise during busier times, facilitating smoother operations among your team.

Level Up Customer Communication

 Talk the Talk

For long-term success, the quality of customer service you provide has to be above and beyond a customer’s expectations. A dissatisfied customer will take their business elsewhere. It’s as simple as that. If your CSR team can talk the talk, you create a presentation of high-end value. It becomes much harder for a customer to turn down your business if they like and trust you.

Our coaching is centered around elevating your team’s customer interaction abilities. We emphasize honing communication skills, ensuring that your representatives can engage customers with empathy, clarity, and the right balance of approachable, yet professional. When you invest in PSP’s coaching services, your team undergoes a transformative process that focuses on understanding and addressing customer needs comprehensively.

There are nuances and challenges specific to the home service industry. This is why you want to coach your team with experts who are familiar with and can navigate the field. (Enter PSP.) When you enroll in a coaching program tailored to address industry-specific requirements you set your employees up for success; they can better align with the needs of your business, and, by extension, the needs of your customer. This specialized approach ensures that your team receives targeted guidance, enhancing their abilities to handle industry-specific scenarios.

Coaching in the lull of the season is an opportunity to level up in a low-stress environment. The more fluid and confident your CSR’s communication, the greater satisfaction you’ll receive from your customers. By enhancing your team’s customer interaction capabilities during quiet periods, you’re effectively fortifying the foundation of your business. This investment ensures that when business picks up, your team is equipped with the skills necessary to deliver exceptional service consistently, driving customer retention – oh, and positive word-of-mouth referrals (which from a marketing perspective, is like finding buried treasure).


Step by Step Improvement

One of the core aspects of Power Selling Pros’ coaching sessions lies in the implementation of accountability measures and a culture of continuous improvement. Our coaching structure incorporates call grading, staged roleplay practice, and goal setting, as of which provides a structured framework for performance indicators. These growth markers not only benefit managers and business owners, but provide CSRs with the ability to monitor themselves and find fulfillment and empowerment in their role.

These sessions focus on individual CSR’s and act as a catalyst for organizational growth. By systematically listening to CSR’s recorded calls and staging practice scenarios, PSP ensures an assessment of your team’s performance. This meticulous evaluation process enables pinpointing areas for improvement while highlighting exemplary performance to leverage as benchmarks for success.

Through constructive feedback and targeted development plans, PSP empowers your team to embrace ongoing growth. It creates an environment that encourages individuals to enhance their skills continually, step by step, and evolve their approach to customer service.

Our aim at PSP is to plant the seeds for long-term success. When call volume picks up, your team will be well-equipped not just with the concrete tools for effective communication, but also with a positive and motivated mindset to experience their professional growth firsthand.

Investing in coaching with Power Selling Pros during slow business periods is a strategic opportunity. By sharpening communication skills, problem-solving abilities, and industry-specific knowledge, businesses can transform downtime into a season of growth and development. The investment in coaching now paves the way for a more efficient and productive team, ready to capitalize on future upswings in business.