The Little-Known Call-Handling Strategy That Sets the Best Service Businesses Apart from Everyone Else.

Service Business Owners: would you like to know how to get your call-handling team to book more calls than you’v ever booked before?

We’ve coached CSRs at HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical and other home service businesses for over a decade. It doesn’t matter where in the world your business is or what you charge…

There is one thing that separates the truly great, high-converting CSRs from everyone else. 

The CSRs who do this one thing book more calls, sell more service agreements, overcome more objections and make more money for their company than any of their competitors. 

As for the rest…

Not doing this one thing is causing service businesses around the world to lose thousands, even millions, of dollars in revenue.

Want to know what it is?

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This video maps out the step-by-step approach we teach thousands of CSRs to follow from beginning to end of their phone calls to WOW the customer, book the appointment, and grow your business. 

It also reveals the one thing that is causing some service businesses to thrive while others merely survive.

The industry average for inbound calls to booked appointments is only 60%. In the classroom that’s an F.

You’d never settle to let your kids get an F, so why are you letting your CSRs?

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Request the video and you’ll also receive a free strategy session with a CSR expert. During your strategy session you’ll learn…

How Over 1,000 CSRs Have Learned To Book More Calls.

Power Certification is a program where CSRs are coached one-on-one, over the phone, twice a month using their own recorded calls.

It’s the best way to hold your CSRs accountable to real results.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Initial Training

We kick-start the program with an initial training. This training introduces your team to our Pattern for Excellence in customer service and sets the tone for on-going coaching.

Step 2: On-boarding Call

Our Director of Operations, Lynzie Markham, will call to make sure everyone on our team is aware of your goals and priorities. Every business is different, and you deserve a tailored experience.

Step 3: First Coaching Sessions

Your CSRs will be paired with a coach who works with them and holds them accountable twice a month. Each coaching session lasts 30 minutes and all coaching sessions build on each other.

"We know Power Certification is setting us apart from the competition... OUR BOOKING RATES ARE CONSISTENTLY IN THE 90%+ RANGE."
Taylor Romar
Shanklin Heating & Air Conditioning

Book More Calls, WOW More Customers, Make More Money with Power Certification.