Power Certification

Ongoing, Phone Based, One-On-One Coaching for CSRs to Book More Calls & WOW More Customers

See just how good your call handling team can become...

Tell us about yourself, and we'll see if coaching is right for you.

How It Works

We coach your CSRs one-on-one, over the phone, twice a month using their own phone calls. The result is a call-handling team that books more calls, WOWs more customers, and makes more money.

Step 1: Initial Training

We kick-start the program with an initial training. This training introduces your team to our Pattern for Excellence in customer service and sets the tone for on-going coaching.

Step 2: On-boarding Call

Our Director of Operations, Lynzie Markham, will call to make sure everyone on our team is aware of your goals and priorities. Every business is different, and you deserve a tailored experience.

Step 3: First Coaching Sessions

Your CSRs will be paired with a coach who works with them and holds them accountable twice a month. Each coaching session lasts 30 minutes and all coaching sessions build on each other.

Frequently Asked Questions...

How will you monitor our recorded calls?

We prefer to have access to the platform your recorded calls are stored on. If that makes you uncomfortable, you can share them with us through DropBox.

How long does this last?

Think of it this way… how long should you work out if you want to stay in shape? Forever! We believe ongoing coaching leads to ongoing results. We hope this relationship lasts.


That said, we have NO CONTRACTS OR MINIMUM COMMITMENTS. Just give us 30 days if you want to cancel.

What if I have to hire new CSRs?

We get it, it happens.

If you have to let go of a CSR and hire a new one, we simple start the coaching program from the beginning with them.

We even have a recruiting program to help you hire amazing CSRs!

How much is this?

The initial training ranges from $950 to $3,950 depending on a few factors, specifically whether you decide to do it via webinar or in-person.

Coaching is $299 per CSR per month.

No contracts, no commitments.

"We know Power Certification is setting us apart from the competition... OUR BOOKING RATES ARE CONSISTENTLY IN THE 90%+ RANGE."
Taylor Romar
Shanklin Heating & Air Conditioning

Book More Calls, WOW More Customers, Make More Money with Power Certification!