What’s the best home services advertising strategy? Book more calls.

This Program Helps the Industry's Top Companies Book Over 85% of their Phone Calls.

One-on-one CSR Coaching, over the phone, twice a month, using their own recorded calls. You get accountability that leads to results.

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"We know Power Selling Pros is setting us apart from the competition... OUR BOOKING RATES ARE CONSISTENTLY IN THE 90%+ RANGE."
Taylor Romar
Shanklin Heating & Air Conditioning

How We Ensure Results:

  • CSRs are coached on our trademarked Pattern for Excellence, a proven framework to WOW your customers & convert more calls to appointments.
  • A dedicated coach practices with each CSR to ensure they implement what they learn correctly.
  • A trained team of call monitors listens to the CSR's recorded calls. The calls are then used in coaching sessions.

"Accountability leads to results."

Three Dynamic Benefits:

  • "WOW" Customer Service creates customers for life.
  • Over 85% call booking rate.
  • CSRs sell more maintenance plans, add-on products, and other high value items for your service business.
"I know by listening to our competitors that we have the best CSR team in our area and we owe it to Power Selling Pros."
Lori Cramer
Price Heating & Cooling

The "One More Call" Effect

⬆ Watch to learn what happens when you book just one more call a day. ⬆

With the right coaching, your CSRs could book at least one more call a day. 

With an average ticket of $500… 

And 250 working days…

One more call a day means an extra $125,000 in annual revenue PER CSR.

All you have to do is teach them HOW and hold them accountable
And that’s what we do.

The Treasure Trove of Customer Service Education That'll Help Your CSRs Book Every Call.

  • The way to start every conversation so that customers WANT to talk with you.
  • How professional athletes build uncommon confidence and sustain it for decades, and how you can apply the same secret to your call-handling.
  • The key to gaining a homeowner's trust at the beginning of every conversation.
  • How to connect on an emotional level with your customers, even if they're battle-hardened attitude gives the impression that they have no feelings.
  • What customers need to feel hopeful and reassured that you're the answer to their problems, even if you're the most expensive and busiest company in your area.
  • The question the industry's top-performing CSRs ask to achieve the highest booking rates in their market.

Coach Your CSRs to Increase Revenue

  • How to sell your dispatch fees so that customers pay them without hesitation and look forward to your arrival with eager anticipation.
  • The right way to offer your additional services so that customers don't automatically say "no thanks, we don't need anything else."​
  • What to say to overcome price objections before they even come up.​
  • The "easy as ABC" plan for batting down price objections no matter when they come up in the phone call.
  • How to book the call even when you're booked solid.​
  • How to turn wrong number calls into paying customers.​
  • What the companies with the most loyal customers do to turn angry callers into customers for life - even when the customer is wrong.​
  • Boost your recurring revenue when your CSRs learn to sell service agreements over the phone to new callers, repeat customers, price sensitive customers, and even angry callers.​
  • The Happy Call scripts that turn one-time service customers into loyal recurring customers who refer all their neighbors to you.​
  • What it takes to save the appointment when a customer calls to cancel.​
"My close rate has increased 6 points and my Net Promoter Score has increased 9 points when comparing the same time frames year over year. I would definitely recommend using Power Selling Pros."
Jo McCabe
Aire Serv
"Everybody should be calling Power Selling Pros. It's definitely increased our booking rate & customer retention."
Gulf Shore
"It's amazing. They way they're guiding my CSRs and me as a manager. It's helped me to be a better manager and it's helped my CSRs be better."
Christina Wagner
FH Air Conditioning
"You will book more calls if you sign up for this program."
Esther White Thomas
David White Services Heating & Cooling

Gain Access to Our Industry-Famous Call-Monitoring Process That Ensures More Calls Get Booked and More Customers Get WOW'ed.

Most companies have no idea how to measure CSR performance. 

They don’t track call conversion, they don’t have principles to determine if “WOW” customer service was provided, and they don’t know how to determine if extra revenue opportunities are being uncovered on the phone.
Our CSR Monitoring Service gives you a clear picture of how your CSRs are performing based on our Pattern for Excellence™️, a process we’ve tested, proven, and trademarked over the last ten years. 

The process:

  • We monitor outbound and inbound calls, looking for call quality principles and call conversion.
  • You get a customized report that shows if they are hitting your KPIs, delivering quality customer service, classifying calls correctly, and taking advantage of additional revenue opportunities.
  • Each report shows you the progress of your CSRs over time.
  • We provide recommendations based on our findings and over 10 years of experience helping companies WOW their customers over the phone.