WOW Wednesday Winner for February!…

on January 31, 2014 WOW Wednesday with 0 comments
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Stormie Marino exudes every aspect of the word WOW as we use it at PSP, and for that she totally deserves the recognition of PSP’s WOW Wednesday CSR of the Month for February!!! For Stormie, exceeding customer expectations through genuine caring and an earnest desire to do what’s right for the customer, seems to be an inherent ability of hers. Not only has Stormie demonstrated her effective approach to hitting every principle within the Pattern for Excellence in a single call, but she has been able to do so with impressive passion! From listening intently enough to empathetically tell a customer she would pray for them at the end of the call, to saving a customer who was adamant about canceling, are just two examples of Stormie’s successes as of late. Congrats Stormie and keep up the amazing work!

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