Who We've Helped

What People Are Saying

Power Selling Pros has helped our team understand the fundamental importance of caring immensely for our customers. With an increased focus on providing customers with personalized solutions, our Call Center representatives are delivering value prior to asking for an opportunity to earn their business – setting up the “win-win.”

David Caballero

Customer Service Manager, AG Heating and Air Conditioning

“He’s brought a methodology to my team to drive sales, improve our culture, and make the job more enjoyable for our folks and for our customers… We look forward to continuing our relationship.”

Brad Boren

Owner, Same Day Water Heater

You [are] one of the best investments we have made in employee coaching.

Renita Dorty

Customer Service Manager, Nationwide Inbound, Inc.

“I think if it weren’t for you guys and the help and training you offer our people we would have struggled our way through the winter.  People went out of business, people struggled and had to lay people off.  NOT US.  We had to hire more people.”

Buddy Smith

Owner, Russell's Heating and Cooling