PowerTechs: In-Person Customer Experience Training for Technicians

Never compete on price again. Leave every homeowner in awe of your service...

Tell us about yourself, and we'll see if PowerTechs is right for you.

How It Works

We come to your office for 1 to 3 days of immersive customer experience training.

Step 1: Schedule

Stephen Dale is our Director of Training at Power Selling Pros. Having worked in the industry for over 30 years and managing a multi-million dollar operation with amazing people, he knows what he's talking about.

Step 2: Experience

Experience 1 to 3 days of in-person training and ride alongs with your technicians. Your team will learn from the best in the industry how to serve customers at such a high level that you can demand the price you charge. It's not about "checking boxes", it's about serving people and solving problems.

´╗┐Step 3: Implement

After the in-person training, each of your technician's will receive 30 days of online training. It's 10 minutes of training every day for 30 days to help your team retain and implement everything they learn.

Frequently Asked Questions...

What should I expect from my technician upon completion of PowerTechs?

Our unique training message focuses on practical communication skills and mindset. As a result, your technicians will not only fix the homeowner's problems... they will make homeowners fall in love with them and become loyal!

It's all about building long-term relationships with the people you serve.


What makes PowerTechs different from other tech training programs?

Most training programs come from a mechanical standpoint. They focus on "fixing things". This training is focused on soft skills. It's all about building rapport with the homeowner and creating a "WOW" experience.

If you're good at fixing things but don't create a "WOW" experience, customers don't become loyal.


Is this class NATE certified?


Each day of training with PowerTechs gives you 8 hours of continuing education credits with NATE.

What level of support can I expect after completing this class?

Each technician receives 10 minutes of online training videos every day for 30 days after PowerTechs.

These videos reinforce what was taught in person and help build experience making habits.

Your instructor, Stephen Dale, is also available as a resource for ongoing questions and coaching.

"I have had nothing but positive feedback from employees - some stating it was the best training they have had! Many asking when will he be back?! Stephen definitely WOW'ed the whole team. He is truly a special person and I am so grateful we had the opportunity to have him here."

- Lisa A. Fury - NJR Home Services

Stop checking boxes...

Stop competing on price...

WOW every homeowner...

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