Power Coaching

Your call handling team will book at least 85% of your incoming calls guaranteed and consistently WOW more customers. That’s because we hold your team accountable with bi-weekly coaching, call monitoring, and in-person trainings and webinars.

Step #1: Power Launch Training

The program begins with an initial Power Launch Training.  There are two types of trainings: 1. In-Person, where we come to your company for a full 4-hour training. 2. Webinar, where your team interacts with a trainer live via webinar for 1.5 hours. The purpose of both trainings is to introduce the Power Certification Program, the materials for training, our trademarked Pattern for Excellence curriculum, and set the right expectation for what we are looking to hear over the phones.

Step #2: Power Coaching

Your company will then be assigned a Power Coach to start training your call handling team one-on-one over the phone. Each member on your call handling team will have two coaching sessions per month. These sessions last approximately 30 minutes where your team will learn and practice principles of phenomenal customer service from our Pattern for Excellence with their Power Selling Pros coach.  We have accumulated an extensive call library with example from the best in the industry that your call handling team will learn from.

Step #3: Call Monitoring and Reporting

Power Selling Pros’ team of call-monitors will pull calls for each trainee in the Power Certification Program before every session to have on file during each coaching call. These recorded calls hold trainees accountable to what they are learning and bridge the gap between knowing how to take great care of customers over the phone and actually doing it call after call.  Your coach will provide you with a report of what was talked about in each coaching session and what was heard in the CSR’s calls.

Step #4: Get Power Certified

The Power Certification Program guides call handling teams through 4 levels of certification.  At the end of each level, they will be required to meet certain requirements and pass a pass off test in order to move on.  Once they reach the 4th level, they officially become Power Certified and receive a professional certificate recognizing their achievement.  To become Power Certified, a call handler must demonstrate superior call handling abilities as learned in the coaching and maintain an 85% booking rate.