Certify Your CSRs

Our mission is to partner with contractors and certify their CSRs to create a world class customer experience over the phone.

Our Power Certification Program guarantees enables your team to create a world-class customer experience on the phone and book at least 85% of their calls with 6 simple components.

#1: Initial Training

The program begins with an initial training to introduce our trademarked Pattern for Excellence curriculum, and establish expectations (in-person or via webinar).

#2: Call Monitoring

Our call monitoring team will work with you to gain access to your recorded calls.  These calls are used to hold CSRs accountable to results and track progress.

#3: One-on-One Coaching

A Power Coach will work with your CSRs one-on-one over the phone twice a month to teach them our lessons, review their calls and practice with them.

#4: CSR Certification

The CSRs will pass a test after each of our 4 levels of lessons.  Once they pass all 4 levels and are booking at least 85% of their calls, they get Power Certified.

#5: Progress Updates

You coach will meet with you at least once a month to go over the progress of your CSRs and ensure we are providing the service you deserve.

#6: A WOW Experience

Your CSRs WILL book at least 85% of their calls and consistently WOW your customers, resulting in increased revenue and customer loyalty.  

To get Power Certified, CSRs need to demonstrate competence and the ability to WOW your customers in practice calls with their coach, their recorded calls, and by maintaining an 85% booking rate. See our price options below:


Initial Training: $3,950 (includes travel)


Initial Training: $1,950

Power Coaching

$299 per month per CSR