“We know Power Certification is setting us apart from the competition…OUR BOOKING RATES ARE CONSISTENTLY IN THE 90%+ RANGE.”

Book More Calls, WOW More Customers, Make More Money

That’s what happens when you sign your CSRs up for Power Certification.CSRs receive one-on-one coaching, twice a month, over the phone, using their own recorded calls – it’s guaranteed results. 

Don’t just be “just another service business…”  Now you don’t have to lose another customer because of price, brand, scheduling conflicts, or because they “like” the other guys better. 

Take A Sneak Peek Inside…

Power Certification HQ contains all our mastery courses on providing a world class customer experience. Courses include:

  1. Inbound Service Call Mastery
  2. Overcoming Price Objections
  3. Selling Service Agreements on the Phone
  4. Handling Angry Customers

Read This Before Going ANY further:

From The Desk Of Brigham Dickinson
South Jordan, Utah.

It was over 10 years ago now… I had 3 clients total, and I was struggling to make ends meet.  One of my clients sat me down to let me go.  They said the leads I was generating for their plumbing business were no good. 

I knew it wasn’t the advertising though, so I offered to train their CSRs to book more of their incoming calls.  I Was Desperate…

I created a tool called the Pattern for Excellence, and in a month, I used it to teach these CSRs how to book price shopper calls, book the call even when they were booked solid, and even sell more service agreements. 

How?  By teaching them to connect with the customer and create a better buying experience.

Now, it’s your turn.      

How We Help Your Business

There are 3 simple steps:

  1. Schedule a customer experience audit to learn how we can help you gain more freedom, trust your people, and become the kind of business people admire.
  2. Determine which initial training type is a right your business (in-person v. webinar)
  3. Arrange access for us to regularly monitor your calls, and we’ll hold them accountable to get you results.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It…

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