Power Selling Pros Agreement

Terms & Conditions

Initial Training

During the initial in-person training, you and your call handling team will learn how to apply and begin to master the Pattern For Excellence. This training is to introduce the program and prepare those trainees that will be working with a Power Coach. This is approximately a 4 hour training. Upfront investment for the in-person training is $3,950 (Other trainings alternative Live Webinar $1,950).

Certification Levels

Each level takes approximately 4-5 months. A Power Coach will work with trainees on an one-on-one basis to facilitate their progress through the Power Certification Program. During each level pass off, the trainee will test with a Power Coaching Mentor and demonstrate mastery.

Call Handling Team Coaching

An assigned Power Coach will meet with your call handling team one-on-one, over the phone, twice per month for approximately 30 minutes. The monthly investment is $299 per trainee. Power Monitors will regularly review and select trainee calls for coaching purposes. Providing call recording is the Client’s sole responsibility. Your call handling team cannot go beyond Level Two Certification without having a call monitoring service. The Client understands and agrees that all proprietary information provided by Power Coaching to assist the Client shall remain the sole property of Pattern For Excellence LLC and its assigns, including all trade secrets, trademarks, copyrights, training materials and other rights in connection therewithin. The Client hereby assigns to Power Coaching/ Pattern For Excellence LLC any rights acquired in such proprietary information and will hold in strict confidence to not divulge such to companies or individuals outside of the Client without express written permission from Power Coaching/ Pattern For Excellence LLC.


30 day written notice of cancellation. Should the Power Certification Program be nullified with a 30 day advance written notice sent via certified U.S. Mail or by email, monthly payments will apply until the end of the 30 day notice period has ended. Power Coaching sessions will continue with clients’ approval until the end of the 30 day waiting period.


Client agrees to pay the fees stated above for services rendered by Power Coaching through merchant accounts utilized by Power Coaching. Signing this agreement authorizes Power Coaching to charge cost of training and monthly services with credit card or banking institution provided.  If Power Coaching is unable to receive or deduct the payment(s) due to insufficient funds or the account is closed, or if the credit card charge is declined, Power Coaching reserves the right to cancel the agreement or charge a penalty and or collection fee. Client accepts responsibility for any overdraft fees charged by the bank or any legal expenses accrued during the collection of the debt. If client needs to change any payment date(s) or amount(s), client must contact 72 hours prior to the payment date(s) for consideration. Power Coaching will do whatever possible within reason to assist all clients with payments on a case by case basis.