10 Minutes of Training Every Day for 30 Days To Transform Your Team to Create Fiercely Loyal Customers & Make More Money

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How It Works

Schedule an On-Boarding Call (optional)

This is an optional 45-minute training call where we make sure you get your team started seamlessly with the challenge. We'll talk about some of the technical aspects of the challenge, provide some short training/background on what you'll be learning, and answer questions.

Add Your CSRs and/or Technicians

The 30-Day Challenge is 10 minutes of online training every day for 30 days for every member of your team - CSRs and Technicians.

This is customer service training so that your CSRs book more calls and WOW more customers, and so your technicians close more sales and connect with more homeowners.

Begin the Challenge

Each member of your team will receive login credentials. When they login, they will identify themselves as either a CSR or Technician so that they receive the right training.

Learn & Take Action

Once the challenge begins, your team members will receive an email every day with a link to that day's training. Managers can track their team's progress as the challenge goes on.

Once you learn, it's crucial to TAKE ACTION and implement these lessons into your actually interactions with customers.


This is for the service businesses that truly care about their people and want to create the best customer experience possible.

You and your team are going to learn from the best customer service and customer experience trainers in the home services industry!

Here's what you're going to learn...

What You'll Learn

30-Days for CSRs

Days 1-15: Mastering the art of conversation and closing the sale on the phone!  Topics include:

  • The Customer Experience Challenge
  •  Creating Positive Energy
  •  Confidence in Customer Service
  •  Listening Skills
  •  Best Practices in Showing Empathy
  •  Giving Beyond Expectation
  •  Always Say "Yes"
  •  Asking for their Business
  •  Creating Value in Unexpected Ways
  •  Connecting with Customers Through Gratitude
  •  Examples of Excellence Inbound Service Calls

Days 16-21: Overcoming Objections on the Phone! Topics include:

  • Plan A for Beating Price Objections
  •  Plan B for Beating Price Objections
  •  Plan C for Beating Price Objections
  •  IRAP: The Ultimate Sales Tool
  •  Handling Scheduling Concerns
  •  What to do when the customer says "I'll call you back."

Days 22-24: Selling Service Agreements on the Phone!

Days 22-27: Handling Angry Customers on the Phone!

Days 28: Making Happy Calls!

Days 29 & 30: Bringing it all together and becoming the ultimate CSR.

30-Days for Techs

Days 1-5: Becoming the Most Customer Centric Service Professional in Your Market!  Topics include:

  • What business are you really in?
  •  The Customer's Expectations
  •  Being Better is Good, But Being Different is Better
  •  Your Thoughts About the Customer Drive Your Actions
  •  Goal Setting

Days 6-15: Learning the Pattern for Excellence to go from Selling to Serving!  Topics include:

  •  The Customer Experience Challenge
  •  Creating Positive Energy
  •  Confidence in Customer Service
  •  Listening Skills
  •  Best Practices in Showing Empathy
  •  Giving Beyond Expectation
  •  Always Say "Yes"
  •  Asking for their Business
  •  Creating Value in Unexpected Ways
  •  Connecting with Customers Through Gratitude

Days 16-17: Generating Positive Reviews!

Days 18: The Technician's Role in Marketing

Days 19: The "Honey-Do" Box

Days 20: Following Up with Customers

Days 21: Take Charge of the Service Call

Days 22: Overcoming Objections

Days 23-30: Mindset, Culture, and Customer Experience


People Like You are Saying Things Like...

"I enjoy looking at the videos and sharing them in meetings . These are powerful, short, concise and spark real conversations with our team."

Brad Crawford

CEO, Crawford Services

"Members are calling each other out if they haven’t completed the assigned video. It’s been life changing and a lot of fun."

Karen Buford

Residential Service Officer, Crawford Services

"We know Power Selling Pros is setting us apart from the competition... our booking rates are consistently in the 90%+ range."

Taylor Romar

Marketing Communications Manager, Shanklin Heating & Air Conditioning

Like I said before, this is not for everyone... it's for the ones who care about their people and who want to create the best customer experience in their market. 

 If that's you, then THIS is for you.