Call Conversion 101: Learn the Best Home Service Customer Acquisition Strategy in 5 minutes & 44 seconds.

What’s the best customer acquisition strategy for home service businesses? Call conversion.


Think about it…

You’re already paying for homeowners to call you when they have a problem. Heck, you might not even be paying for phone calls! They could be calling by the simple virtue of referrals, your reputation, and online reviews.

Regardless of how you’re attracting potential customers to call you, you need to have a strategy in place to convert the highest possible percentage of callers into customers. And then, from customers into raving fans.

Don’t settle for 60%.

We’ll save the conversation on turning customers into raving fans for another day. In this post, we’re focusing on converting callers into customers.


The industry average call conversion right now is only 60%. In grade school, that’s an F. It would be simply unacceptable for one of your kids to miss 40% of all the problems they encounter on a test in school. So, why would you allow your call-handling team to lose 40% of the calls they take?

By simply coaching your CSRs to increase the percentage of inbound calls that you convert into appointments, you can grow your company’s revenue by thousands, and in many cases millions, of dollars.

Not to mention, the biggest benefit might be the massive morale boost your CSRs get when they see the impact they are making on your company’s bottom line.

Learn HOW to increase your call conversion in 5 minutes and 44 seconds.

We’ve prepared a short, dynamic training for you on WHY this is important to address NOW, and HOW to do it.

Watch the training, and let us know what was most useful for you:

After watching that video, what’s on your mind?

Urgency? A desire to understand more of the HOW to call conversion?

Whatever it is, I’d be remiss not to share with you a program that consistently enables home service businesses to convert over 85% of their inbound calls.

CSR Coaching.

We provide one-on-one CSR Coaching, over the phone, twice a month, using their own recorded calls.

In essence… we provide teaching and accountability so that you get more results.

Of course, we’d be delighted to partner with you and provide the resources to get your call conversion as high as possible. But in the event that you’d like to pursue this goal on your own, here’s what you need to teach your CSRs:

  • The way to start every conversation so that customers WANT to talk with you.
  • How professional athletes build uncommon confidence and sustain it for decades, and how you can apply the same secret to your call-handling.
  • The key to gaining a homeowner’s trust at the beginning of every conversation.
  • How to connect on an emotional level with your customers, even if they’re battle-hardened attitude gives the impression that they have no feelings.
  • What customers need to feel hopeful and reassured that you’re the answer to their problems, even if you’re the most expensive and busiest company in your area.
  • The question the industry’s top-performing CSRs ask to achieve the highest booking rates in their market.

Coach Your CSRs to Increase Revenue.

  • How to sell your dispatch fees so that customers pay them without hesitation and look forward to your arrival with eager anticipation.
  • The right way to offer your additional services so that customers don’t automatically say “no thanks, we don’t need anything else.“​
  • What to say to overcome price objections before they even come up.​
  • The “easy as ABC” plan for batting down price objections no matter when they come up in the phone call.
  • How to book the call even when you’re booked solid.​
  • How to turn wrong number calls into paying customers.​
  • What the companies with the most loyal customers do to turn angry callers into customers for life – even when the customer is wrong.​
  • Boost your recurring revenue when your CSRs learn to sell service agreements over the phone to new callers, repeat customers, price sensitive customers, and even angry callers.​
  • The Happy Call scripts that turn one-time service customers into loyal recurring customers who refer all their neighbors to you.​
  • What it takes to save the appointment when a customer calls to cancel.​

The math on call conversion is compelling.

Assuming a $500 average ticket and 30 inbound calls a day, the average CSR is booking about 18 calls a day, generating roughly $9,000 per day.

Average CSR call conversion and revenue.

But when that same CSR is trained to handle the same calls with more skill, they book an average of 7.5 additional calls per day, generating roughly $3,750 in additional revenue per day.

Trained CSR call conversion and revenue.

Whether or not you decide to join our or any other CSR Coaching program, make sure you are taking full advantage of this opportunity to grow your business.

Not only will booking more of the calls already coming into your office grow your business’s profits, it’ll bolster your customer service reputation. The inbound call is a homeowner’s first impression of your brand – the last if handled poorly. Stories abound of companies who have achieved uncommon customer loyalty by taking the simple steps to improve their call-handling skills.

Now get out there and increase your call conversion.

Increase your call conversion with Power Selling Pros CSR Coaching.

Zac Garside is the Marketing Manager for Power Selling Pros and an avid lover of eating Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and Sour Gummy Worms in the same bite.