The Pattern for Excellence

It’s About the Experience You Provide

Here, Brigham details the great need to WOW your customers.

Be Positive

People gravitate toward positive energy and away from the negative.  What energy are you giving your customers?

Be Confident

Practice and preparation beget confidence.  How often do you listen to your phone calls?  Do you practice?  Watch this video to understand more about being confident in customer service.


Learn to listen first so that your customers feel heard.  Show them you are listening by rephrasing and asking questions.


Human beings want to be cared about.  They have an emotional need to be understood and connect with others.  Connect with your customers on an emotional level, and you will win a customer for life.

Say “Yes”

Learn to say “yes.”  Give without expecting anything in return by letting customers know you can and will help, and always focus on what you can do – never what you are not able to do.


If you don’t ask, you don’t get.  You might be great at answering every question the customer throws your way, but do you take the initiative to ask for the sale?

Be Valuable

What makes you different, better, or special?  Why is it a good idea for the customer to come to you?  What value can you add to the customer in order to create a WOW experience?  Watch and learn.

Be Grateful

Honor your stewardship and express sincere gratitude for the opportunity to serve others.  At the end of the day, that is our entire responsibility: serve people.

We Need to Be Grateful

People become loyal when they know that they matter to you.

We Need to Be Autonomous

Learn how to create an autonomous work environment where you and others are driven internally to serve.

Listen First

Listening comes first.  You have got to get clear on what your customers want before you go off offering products and services.

Full-Length Webinars

Be Positive and Be Confident

This full-length webinar will teach you what it means to be positive and confident in your role, and how to get there.

Listen and Care

Learn to listen and learn to care for your customers.  We might think we are listening and caring, but does the customer agree?  You are only listening if the customer feels you are listening.

Say “Yes” and Ask

Make the move from connection to transaction by saying “yes” and asking when.  Learn to assure customers they are in the right place and to take initiative and ask for the appointment.

Be Valuable and Be Grateful

Show your value to the customer and then show the customer that you value them.